PSG Championship Drivers swept away 4 top finishes on Saturday

Eight of the eleven PSG Autocross Championship Drivers arrive early morning to the first points event not knowing the fate that awaits them. Looking into the crowd in the pit area, they soon realized that there's going to be a series of interesting battles going on throughout the day.

106 Drivers entered into the saturday event, the race ground condition was questionable; wet and sandy.

As the event ran along, the ground dried up, weather warmed up, and PSG drivers begin to gain traction on the ranking chart. At the end of the day, PSG Drivers took 4 top finishes sweeping away Rookie FTD, 2nd in Rookie Stock, 1st in Rookie Stock, and 2nd in B-Stock. Congratulations!


PSG Championship Event #1

April 28th, 2007

The 1st annual PSG Autocross Championship was officially kicked off on Saturday, April 28th at Greyhound Park in Plainfield, CT! The day started off with a little shock as the PSG drivers saw first hand how large the new Greyhound Park location was. Unfortunately, the quality of the surface was less than perfect with ruts filled with grass, raised surfaces that acted as speed bumps and potholes that could eat a whole car, never mind just a rim! Luckily, most cars finished in the 50 second range without incident.

PSG had an excellent turn out, and swept 1st place finishes in Rookie Stock, Rookie Non-Stock, and a 2nd place finish in B-stock.

The competition was fierce in Rookie-Stock, but PSG swept the entire class with Gus Lin finishing 1st in his White Evo MR and Matt Gleiner pushing his STi Limited closely behind in 2nd. Jeff Guerrera brought his newly acquired Camaro SS to the track and finished the day missing a Rookie-Stock trophy by a narrow margin that he vows to close with practice.

Whoever said American Muscle is only for the drag-strip has obviously never met Phil Mackaronis, who took the Rookie Non-Stock 1st place cup with his E-Street Prepared Camaro Z28. Steve, also competing in Rookie Non-Stock came out for his very first time and improved dramatically each run he made with his street modified Camaro Z28. In future events, he will definitely be one to watch out for.

Mike Miller also finished a very respectable 2nd in B-stock with a Nissan 350Z that wasn’t even his own! It’s a good thing he didn’t beat the owner, or he’d probably never be allowed to drive the Z again. Henry Tran ran great in B-Street Prepared on street tires, and finished well among the competition.

Stay tuned for the official release of the PSG Championship scoring!


A-Stock Battle between PSG Drivers

As the autocross championship first event draws near, we have three PSG drivers heading into heated battles in the A-Stock Class: PSG Evo, PSG STI, and soon to be PSG SS.

All three drivers have relative little experience when it comes to autocross, yet the driver of the PSG SS will have the least experience of the three. Will the extra 4 cylinders in the Chevy be able to help accelerate the SS into victory, or would the nimble Evo or STI take charge with it's awesome rally-bread AWD system?

Duce Autox Weekend: April 28th-29th 2007

This weekend will be the kickoff weekend for the PSG Autocross Championship 2007, and what better time than opening the season on a Duce Autocross weekend!

The weather looks it's going to be in the mid 60 degrees with a slight chance (30%) of rain on Saturday and Sunday being absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

April 28th: FCSCC Plainfield CT (1 hour east of Hartford)
April 29th: CART Bristol CT (30 min west of Hartford)

Expect big PSG presence from our drivers looking to take podium in A-Stock and BSP.


PSG AutoX Championship 2007 to start with FCSCC April 28th Event

PSG announces its intentions on making the April 28th FCSCC autocross event its first points event for the 2007 PSG AutoX championship. With anticipated participation from PSG Evo, PSG Evo9GSR, and PSG STI, the PSG drivers will battle it out to see who will jump into the competition and take the first win of the season.

Eager to burn rubber, enthusiasts prayed for good weather as the weekend approached; however the last autocross event in the local region was cancelled due to heavy rain on April 15th (host: CART).

Keep your eyes peeled as the season opener draws near. Rules and regulations to be published prior to the 28th event.


PSG cancels on UCONN Car Show

PSG evaluated the condition of the weather Sunday morning and decided against attending the event. The company planned on showcasing the skidplate technology on the company's PSG STI, raffling away a 02-05 WRX/STI skidplate to a lucky UCONN car show attendee, and starting our search for our first ever PSG driver who will be sponsored with the PSG skidplate product (terms still under development).

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Next autoshow event PSG plans on attending is the CCSU Car Show on the 29th of April. Visit our PSG Google Calendar for more information: CCSU Car Show