PSG Event #3 - A Long Day with Few Runs, though the Competition is Fierce as Ever

Perfect weather greeted 5 of the PSG drivers present for the July 22nd autocross at Plainfield, CT, the 3rd official PSG Championship event. After suiting up, walking the course, and analyzing the aging pavement, Gus Lin, Phil Makaronis, Matt Gleiner, Jeffrey Guerrera, and Henry Tran lined up and set off for what turned out to be one of the slowest days of Fairfield County autocross yet this season; after run 2, the course was shut down for almost two hours to repair damage to the tarmac, thus giving each driver only three runs for the day.

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Coming in first by an extremely narrow margin was ‘Sensei’ Gus’s 2006 White Evolution IX, taking the A-Stock 2nd place trophy but earning the 1st place PSG title just out of reach from Phil Makaronis. Phil placed 1st in E-Street Prepared, and finished behind Gus in the PSG ranks by a mere .012 seconds (PAX adjusted time). Coming in 1st in Rookie Stock and 3rd in the PSG ranks was Matt Gleiner, also earning rookie FTD, ahead of his Rookie rival Jeffrey Guerrera, placing 4th in the PSG event and 4th in Rookie Stock. Henry Tran runs extremely impressive times, but like Jeff, hit a cone on his best run setting his ‘with-cone’ time behind the PSG pack. Henry placed 6th in B-Street Prepared and 5th in the PSG ranks for the day.

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Referring to the 2nd PSG points event, Gus Lin aided Jeffrey Guerrera when Jeff managed to strip lug nuts, preventing him from passing tech inspection, however ironically enough, at the end of the day, Gus had a stripped stud that turned with the lug nut, preventing the removal of his V710! Luckily the PSG friendly shop owner Kyle Bishop, owner of Bishop Motorsports (www.bishopmotorsports.com) had offered to fix Gus’s car. After three hours of chiseling the lug and stud, the rim came off, and the necessary repairs were made to get Gus back on the road.

Phil Makaronis is, as usual, placing in the top of the ranks. Phil’s consistency is rather impressive, and his skills are quite obvious when observing his smooth driving habits.

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Matt is either getting used to the ECU issue plaguing his throttle response or has managed to work around it; he continues to get faster and faster each event. Matt is also getting acquainted with his new set of Toyo Proxes RA-1’s, so from here, Matt can only get faster.

Jeff was extremely surprised when the times were posted, as his time would have put him in 2nd in Rookie Stock, however a late and unannounced cone call was made, setting him into the 4th place position. Another interesting note: for the overall Fairfield Rookie championship points, Jeff and Matt are tied for 1st place with three events remaining in the season.

Though in last place in the PSG ranks, nobody in the PSG club would dare expect Henry to stay there, in fact, if Henry cleans up his runs just enough to prevent tapping cones, he could pull directly in front of the pack. Keep at it Henry!

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Jon Burke wins 2007 PSG Subaru WRX Skidplate Sponsorship Opportunity

Congrats to Jon Burke for winning the 2007 PSG Subaru WRX Skidplate Sponsorship!

As a rookie driver in the 2007 season, Jon battles against his opponents in his rally modified '04 Impreza WRX at varies California Rally Series (CRS) and Formula RallyX (FRX) Events often finishing 3rd and 4th behind veteran drivers in the same class.

On the outside the car may look like an ordinary WRX but don't be fooled. Under the hood the engine borrows its big brother's 2.5L STI
SB and pushes out 220 WHP @ an early 2900rpm right where the car needs it to pull itself out of a all-wheel drift.

PSG will be providing Jon with its WRX Front Skidplate for the entire 2007 season, making sure that the car gets the protection it needs at local rallycross events so that he can continue his weekend adventures.

Look for updates and blogs from Jon at our PSG blog website at his unique account PSG RallyWRX

Jon's eventual goal is to fully rally prep the WRX for the 2010 season. Good luck Jon and congratulations again!

Happy Rallying!

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Find more information about Jon at his MySpace Account.

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