PSG Sponsored Driver: Jon Burke Finishes off the Season in SoCal

PSG would like to congratulate sponsored Driver Jon Burke and his rally group "Team Up TwoMountains," finishing the season in flying colors.

Placing 2nd overall in Formula RallyX and 3rd place overall in the California Rally Series, Jon has not only shown his ability to grow as a rookie driver but now establishes himself as one of the drivers to beat at the rallycrosses.

Jon will be battling hard to take the 1st place finish next year against Phil Stewart, the 1st place finisher in both rallycross series in Street Mod 4WD class.

Check out the season summary writeup.
Check out the season summary video.

Good luck next year Jon!


Winter Karting Session 2007

Yes, WINTER is just right around the corner, and what better way to fill your NEED for SPEED than to duke it out at the local carting track!

PSG will be recruiting for racers who are interested in participating in the 2nd Annual Winter Karting League at Wallingford On Track facility.

Details are still being worked out but prizes may very from trophies to cash prizes depending on the volume of participants.

At 1700 feet long and 25 feet wide, the track has plenty of room for pure wheel-to-wheel racing action. The course is a combination of long straights, sweeping turns, and a few technical challenges. Overall, it all depends on how long you can stay on the gas.

For more information, please contact psgevo@projectsologear.com or visit http://projectsologear.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=228


PSG '07 USNY Rallycross a Success!

Projectsologear hosted the third annual USNY Rallycross event in the quiet city of Granville New York. Tucked away in the upstate region of New York, an hour north of Albany the state capital, 35 rally enthusiasts came from all over New England Region to threw themselves in the dirt to see who can crawl out with the quickest time on the clock.

Mark in the '86 Honda Civic took First in 2WD Rally, Isiah took First in 2WD Street in his '00 Civic, Justin took 1st in AWD Rally in the Audi A4, and Nick walked away with 1st in AWD Street.

Event homepage has been update with results and the official PSG Media link is also included.

PSG wants to thank all of the people who came out to participate, spectate, and more importantly our sponsors for supporing our effort in keeping the rally racing sport alive in North America.

The event was proudly sanctioned by Rally New York LTD. and sponsored by Automotive Engine and Machine, North Country Imports, and Ruge's Subaru.

We look forward to coming back with another awesome 4th annual PSG USNY rallycross event.
Note that there is a possible of PSG initiating a rallycross series in local CT. A possibility of throwing an indoor rallycross is in the negotiation process.

Keep yourself in the loop!


September FCSCC Event Results

On a scale from 1 to 10, this track was an 11. Chris Carris, the infamous butt-kicking driver of the fully prepped A-Stock STi worked with Chris Travis to setup a nationals-style course littered with slaloms and challenging gates. Of course, having setup the course (just being a little bitter here) Chris took FTD, but the fact that his FTD came in an A-Stock car shows his amazing abilities as a driver. I had to have asked Chris at least 20 questions throughout the day regarding his choice lines, tire pressures, rim offsets, and spacers, and he was more than kind enough to tolerate my persistent barrage.

Regarding our team of drivers, Phil walked away with a 1st place ESP finish, Gus did well in A-Stock placing 5th, Matt placed 2nd in rookie stock right behind myself, placing 1st. Henry kicked up his performance in BSP placing 2nd, and the fact that he hits so many cones shows that he's real close to achieving near FTD times and overtaking Leo Ficks's domination of the class. Since we compare our PAX times to see the fastest driver of the day, Jeff placed 1st in the PSG points event, Phil second, Henry third, Matt fourth, and Gus in fifth. See the table posted above to see the cumulative points total for this season.

So next month, there is going to be the final points event with an 'Autocrosser of the Year' runoff event in Kyle Bishops CRX, courtesy of www.bishopmotorsports.com and it seems anyone who could contend for their class championship gets to drive it! Therefore, since Matt & myself are neck-to-neck (still anyone's game) in the rookie championship, we both are contenders in the CRX. Should be pretty fun! Phil has ESP for points, however he became a member of the club mid-year, and his early-season points may not count. The officials may look the other way, however, which we hope they do. On that note, Matt is only 5 points behind me in the Rookie stock championship. I really look forward to our final battle of the 2007 season October 13th to determine the winner!

Submitted by Jeff, PSG SS


Evo vs. WRX Shootout - NJ

Arriving at the Event

Technically, the gates to the raceway opened at 9AM, but they were letting people in earlier than that, which would have been useful to know. We showed up at 8:30, didn't get through tech until 9:00, and then the first car off was at 10:00. Needless to say, we were a little pressed for time, and with tire swapping, I only managed to get one walk around the course. Also, on tech, they decided to tech the cars as they came in, instead of after they had been cleaned out and race wheels put on. Kind of pointless if you ask me.

The Course

The overall course shape was a big horseshoe. It began with a slight right-left jog, then continued with a right-left turn combo. Next came a shaper right turn, then left into a wide sweeper which brought you to the backstretch of the course. The backstretch was basically a big slalom, but was unequal in length and the cones were not in line. Finally, there was a right-left combo into the finish. Overall it was very fast, and you really had to flick the wheel fast to get through the turns well.

The Runs

Overall, we got 8 runs in the day because the NNJ SCCA crew ran things pretty efficiently and there weren't too many cars there (~60). On the first run, there were a bunch of cars that skidded out of the slalom into the beginnig part of the course, which was enjoyable to watch. On my first run, I did about the same thing, but managed to catch it before I got too out of shape. I began the day with a 36.5, but I figured I'd be little slow since I only got to walk the course once and I hadn't memorized the lines. The second run showed great improvement, and I was able to shave 2 seconds off my time (which would be my best run of 34.190). My next run was again in the mid 34's, but on my fourth run, I managed to squeeze into the 33's, but I hit a cone so the time didn't count. Interestingly enough, I felt very slow during this run and thought the car was pushing too much, but since it was one of my faster times, it just shows that I need to learn more about how the car feels! From there, runs 5, 6, and 7 were all back into the mid to low 34's, and I just couldn't figure out how to get back into the 33's. For my final run, I was determined to to get into the 33's again just to prove to myself that I could do it and it wasn't a fluke run before, and I managed to pull out a 33.75! Unfortunately, I hit another cone, so again the run didn't count. But I was still happy to know that I could still better my time on the last run of the event. As for the other PSG drivers, Jeff and Phil were again on top of their game. Jeff was trying to hunt down Chris Carris (who managed a 31), and was able to bring it down to a 32.8, finishing 5th for the day in class. Phil, who was co-driving the yellow Evo, got a 34.188, a great time since it was his first full event in an Evo, and he was practicing left foot braking for the first time! And yes, he managed to beat me again, by a measly .002 seconds! Henry was back in action in his Evo, and his mind preparation seemed to have helped as he was able to dip into the low 33's. After some new tires, Henry will be very competative. Gus and Omar were codriving Gus' Evo. For his first event, Omar did very well, improving his time by almost four seconds througout the day! It seemed like Gus was off his game, but still he managed to get into the 34's, a very nice time for the day. Other notable runs: Mark Daddio, second run of the day, pulls a 29.8 for FTD (the only sub 30 time for the day). John Winchester and Kevin Lau were close behind in their Evo, with times in the upper 30's. Chris Carris came out on top for the Subarus with a time of 31.6. Out of the top 20 drivers, 14 of them drove Evos. Maybe it's time to convert!

The Day in Summary Overall

I'd say the day was a success! The weather in the morning looked threatening, but at the event things started to clear up and it was sunny (and HOT!) out. We got all of our 8 runs done in 3 hours, and we didn't have any work assignments. We were all packed up and ready to go at about 2:00. Sadly, NNJ SCCA were not the friendliest of folk. When you enter and pay, they give you a time card with your info on it to fill out and present at tech. Then they take the card so they can enter in your car information and give you back the stub. Well when I gave them my card, they basically gave the whole card right back to me, but at that point I didn't think anything of it. When I came to the line for my first run, they kept asking me questions like if I had changed my number or my class because they couldn't find me in the computer. So they just manually entered me there on the spot and I took my run. After I came into park, one of the guys came storming up to my car and asked me if I had tech'd. I said yes, and he then wanted to see my time card. So I gave it to him, and he takes it and looks at me very angrily. He shows the part of the card that THEY SHOULD HAVE TAKEN and yells at me saying that I should have tech'd before I ran. I told him that I did, and this is what they gave back to me, and he just shook his head like he didn't believe me and walked away. It's not my fault they messed up, but apparently it's ok to take it out on me. Another example is the time calling. They never called any times for people that don't usually go to NNJ events, but acted like professional announcers when one of their buddies was at the line. And when they did announce someone they didn't know, they just used their car number, like we didn't have names or anything. At the end of the day when Gus and Omar were making up their final runs, they even went as far and told them to hurry up and not hit any cones so they could finish the runoffs. Seriously, there's no need for any of that, and it would have been nice to have times called out as well as cones so you could really know how you did. But apparently you have to be in their club to get that sort of treatment. Anyways, enough of the ranting. Overall, good day, lots of runs in a short time, but NNJ SCCA aren't very friendly.

Submitted by Matt, PSG STi


PSG will be representing at the 4th Annual EVO vs WRX Shootout August 25th, 2007

This weekend holds exciting expectations for the PSG drivers as they head down to Englishtown New Jersey to battle against the large masses of Evo's, WRX's, and STI's coming from all over the country for the 4th Annual Evo vs WRX shootout.

Speculations tell the PSG drivers that they will be facing local superstars, along with the fortunate (or unfortunate) opportunity to see national level drivers take it out on the same autocross course on Saturday.

The weather is looking as good as it can get, and those race rubbers will be mounted and smoked up. Wish us good luck! We are aiming to have all PSG Drivers finish in the top 10 for the day.


PSG Event #3 - A Long Day with Few Runs, though the Competition is Fierce as Ever

Perfect weather greeted 5 of the PSG drivers present for the July 22nd autocross at Plainfield, CT, the 3rd official PSG Championship event. After suiting up, walking the course, and analyzing the aging pavement, Gus Lin, Phil Makaronis, Matt Gleiner, Jeffrey Guerrera, and Henry Tran lined up and set off for what turned out to be one of the slowest days of Fairfield County autocross yet this season; after run 2, the course was shut down for almost two hours to repair damage to the tarmac, thus giving each driver only three runs for the day.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Coming in first by an extremely narrow margin was ‘Sensei’ Gus’s 2006 White Evolution IX, taking the A-Stock 2nd place trophy but earning the 1st place PSG title just out of reach from Phil Makaronis. Phil placed 1st in E-Street Prepared, and finished behind Gus in the PSG ranks by a mere .012 seconds (PAX adjusted time). Coming in 1st in Rookie Stock and 3rd in the PSG ranks was Matt Gleiner, also earning rookie FTD, ahead of his Rookie rival Jeffrey Guerrera, placing 4th in the PSG event and 4th in Rookie Stock. Henry Tran runs extremely impressive times, but like Jeff, hit a cone on his best run setting his ‘with-cone’ time behind the PSG pack. Henry placed 6th in B-Street Prepared and 5th in the PSG ranks for the day.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Referring to the 2nd PSG points event, Gus Lin aided Jeffrey Guerrera when Jeff managed to strip lug nuts, preventing him from passing tech inspection, however ironically enough, at the end of the day, Gus had a stripped stud that turned with the lug nut, preventing the removal of his V710! Luckily the PSG friendly shop owner Kyle Bishop, owner of Bishop Motorsports (www.bishopmotorsports.com) had offered to fix Gus’s car. After three hours of chiseling the lug and stud, the rim came off, and the necessary repairs were made to get Gus back on the road.

Phil Makaronis is, as usual, placing in the top of the ranks. Phil’s consistency is rather impressive, and his skills are quite obvious when observing his smooth driving habits.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Matt is either getting used to the ECU issue plaguing his throttle response or has managed to work around it; he continues to get faster and faster each event. Matt is also getting acquainted with his new set of Toyo Proxes RA-1’s, so from here, Matt can only get faster.

Jeff was extremely surprised when the times were posted, as his time would have put him in 2nd in Rookie Stock, however a late and unannounced cone call was made, setting him into the 4th place position. Another interesting note: for the overall Fairfield Rookie championship points, Jeff and Matt are tied for 1st place with three events remaining in the season.

Though in last place in the PSG ranks, nobody in the PSG club would dare expect Henry to stay there, in fact, if Henry cleans up his runs just enough to prevent tapping cones, he could pull directly in front of the pack. Keep at it Henry!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Jon Burke wins 2007 PSG Subaru WRX Skidplate Sponsorship Opportunity

Congrats to Jon Burke for winning the 2007 PSG Subaru WRX Skidplate Sponsorship!

As a rookie driver in the 2007 season, Jon battles against his opponents in his rally modified '04 Impreza WRX at varies California Rally Series (CRS) and Formula RallyX (FRX) Events often finishing 3rd and 4th behind veteran drivers in the same class.

On the outside the car may look like an ordinary WRX but don't be fooled. Under the hood the engine borrows its big brother's 2.5L STI
SB and pushes out 220 WHP @ an early 2900rpm right where the car needs it to pull itself out of a all-wheel drift.

PSG will be providing Jon with its WRX Front Skidplate for the entire 2007 season, making sure that the car gets the protection it needs at local rallycross events so that he can continue his weekend adventures.

Look for updates and blogs from Jon at our PSG blog website at his unique account PSG RallyWRX

Jon's eventual goal is to fully rally prep the WRX for the 2010 season. Good luck Jon and congratulations again!

Happy Rallying!

Reference Links
Find more information about Jon at his MySpace Account.

Antioch 1, 4th Run

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PSG AutoX Championship Event #2 Best Index Time

FCSCC June 23rd, 2007 Best Index Time Result

PSG AutoX Championship Event #2 Points Result

PSG AutoX Championship Event #2 Points Result


PSG Championship Event #2

Six PSG Drivers came to the Fairfield County Sports Car Club Points Event
#5 on June 23rd in Plainfield, CT, and three came away with trophy
finishes in Rookie Stock and E-Street Prepared. One expectation of the
event was totally realized when Phil Mackaronis, the driver of the 1994
Chevrolet Camaro Z28 won ESP 3.4 seconds ahead of the 2nd place car with a
PAX index time of 46.75, taking 2nd place spot in the PSG Championship
event. Matt Gleiner in his STi Limited placed 3rd out of 16 cars in Rookie
stock which earned him a trophy; Matt was ahead of the 4th place car by
over three seconds, showing that he may not be so 'Rookie' after all.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The total shock of the day came when Jeff Guerrera stripped a stud on the rear
right hub of his Camaro SS and was forced to park the car for the day.
Gus Lin showed genuine compassion for his care
less and car-less friend by
offering Jeff the opportunity to co-drive his 2006 Evo IX MR. Here is
where the other expectations of the day fell short: Jeff took the A-Stock
Evo IX to 1st place in Rookie stock with a PAX time of 46.2, and pulled
off the 4th fastest PAX time of the day out of 85 cars, earning him the
1st place spot in this PSG Championship event. Jeff had so much fun
driving Gus's car that he is considering moving the Camaro to a more road
race/drag race role and purchasing a pocket-rocket Evo for himself (in Red
of course), though he's determined to have a two-bay garage for the PSG
group and a house before purchasing another car, which according to Jeff
"may be a while.."

Gus Lin placed 2nd in A-Stock out of three cars, and though he didn't earn
a class trophy, he did edge out his A-Stock rival Matt Gleiner by .49
seconds, therefore placing 3rd in this PSG Championship Event.
By lending his Evo to Jeff, he will unfortunately need to replace the wearing Kumho
V710s a little sooner as they saw significant wear during the day. Gus
hopes he can get a couple more events out of his tires before the dreaded
metal cords peep through the rubber.

Mike Miller placed 2nd in A-Street Prepared in his envy inducing Porsche
GT3, and 4th in the PSG rankings. During the day when Mike rolled to the
line, one spectator was seen hushing his friends in order to insure that
the sound waves produced by the GT3's exhaust pipes made it to his ears
undisturbed. The course was less than ideal for the track-bred GT3
however, and used very little of the RPM range where it can easily scream
past the competition; members of PSG are looking forward to seeing the
GT3's true ability at Pocono later this month.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Matt Gleiner is currently working out ECU issues in his STi, which is
cutting power between the 3,000 and 4,000 RPM range. We are all looking
forward to seeing Matt excel even more than he currently is as he
straightens out the bugs in the pearlescent white Subaru. Watch out Gus!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Henry Tran was close behind Matt in the PSG event placing 6th. This was
Henry's first event running real race-rubber; Henry's times were excellent, he just was consistently bumping into cones! He is expected to move to the head of the pack as he learns the newly-found traction his B-Street Prepared Evo was formerly lacking. If Henry's runs were clean, he would have taken either the 2nd or 3rd place spot. Keep at it Henry!

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Saturday June 23rd PSG Autox Championship Next Round @ Plainefield, CT (FCSCC)

Hopefully everyone had a good break from the intense PSG autocross championship competition, and are ready to jump into the next points event being held this Saturday, June 23rd, at the Plainfield CT lot (hosted by FCSCC).

At this event we're looking for Phil M (94 Z28 Camaro) to again impress the crowd with his new found quickness against the blistering fast GT3 driven by Mike M, but both drivers may be knocked off the podium with some shocking news.

Henry T, the driver of the highly sophisticated BSP Evolution 9 GSR, have had issues putting down all of the ponies with the factory equipped Yokohama Advans, but the tides may be turning. He made a recent announcement to the rest of the PSG autox team that he had aquired a set of 255/Khumo V700 rubber. Mated up with his evo's uniquely spec'ed Ohlin Full Coilovers (straight from Japan), the combination will be deadly.

Matt G, who ended up cording his race compounds at the last points event left with slight disappointment, but using the time between the events, he has also netted himself a nice set of tires (Toyo RA-1). He will be using them to hold his podium title, perhaps nipping at the 1st and 2nd place position.

All other PSG drivers will be in attendance, hoping to improve their positions in the ranking. At this event, we will be expecting Jeff G. to continue learning how to use the sticky tires on the torquey Camaro SS, Gus L to be debuing his 2nd Generation Turbo Eclipse, and Brian C to attend his first points event.

Keep tuned.


PSG debuted at the Wicked Big Meet, the largest Subaru enthusiast gathering the United States

ProjectSoloGear was proud to unveil their initial product, the 02+ Subaru Impreza WRX skidplate at the Wicked Big Meet at Wachusett Mountain on June 17th. Wicked Big Meet, the largest Subaru enthusiast gathering in the United States, proved to be a great opportunity to promote PSG products and the PSG lifestyle with over 1000 cars in attendance! The day was a big success for PSG, as hundreds of Subaru enthusiasts stopped by the PSG booth, asked questions, and bought skidplates! Big thanks to CT Subaru for their support at the event, and congratulations to Jake for winning the 3/16” access panel skidplate!

Wicked Big Meet is only the beginning for PSG. Look for PSG at more car shows and more car events, and keep an eye out for unique products as ProjectSoloGear continues to bring you automotive innovation!

Large Demand for GC Skidplate

Ever since the release of the PSG WRX/STI skidplate, a large demand for earlier body style Impreza has been surfacing.

It is not uncommon to see the earlier bodystyle Imprezas running around at your local rallycross events (or even in professional stage rallies like Rally New York) because they're affordable, parts are abundent (and swap friendly), and it offers the same AWD + boxer engine platform that helped propel Subaru to the top of the WRC world.

Have no doubt that once PSG develops a GC skidplate, the company will offer sponsorship opportunities to support rally enthusiasts such as Walker M. (the driver shown in the picture) who upholds the rally racing spirit where ever he goes.


Skidplate Sponsorship

Do you Want to be Sponsored?

ProjectSoloGear is offering up one sponsorship spot to a qualified individual who
owns a WRX (all models 02+) or STI (only 02-05 will have the option for access panel) for the 2007 Racing Season.

As part of the product validation process, PSG will be following the life of the sponsored driver on PSG Blogs as he/she tackles harsh racing conditions with the aid of the skidplate and documenting both the driver's experience and the condition of the product. For more information or to apply, please go here to our online community forum.

Sponsorship application process is now officially opened.


'02+ Impreza WRX and STI Front Skidplate Launched!

PSG proudly presents our first product launch of the
2002+ Impreza WRX and STI Front Skidplate

We are excited to annonuce our first production launch and we will like everyone to know that we're serious in becoming a successful force in aiding motor enthusiasts by providing creative automotive innovations.

More information to be found here in our online community forum.


Unbelievable Mackaronis leaping to the top of the pack

ProjectSoloGear is no longer surprised to see Mackaronis topping the ranking of the Rookie non-stock class at last Sunday's autocross event atPlainfield, CT (hosted by FCSCC).

Finished more than 0.7 seconds ahead of second place in class, no one could touch him all day long. He was quoted to be "in the zone...simply NAILED a fantastic run."
The real shocker; however, came about when other PSG Drivers realized that Mackaronis might have landed a time fast enough to take first place in the Championship running after indexing. Startled, some PSG Drivers started concentrating harder hoping to catch up.
At the end of the day, the Green Camaro from the 90's out-ran all, including PSG GT3 which would have otherwise took 1st except for the cone penalty on its fastest raw lap, to take 100 points for the first (new) official autocross championship event.
Can Mackaronis hold on to the first place position in the championship? We will find out at our next official autocross event on June 16th, Plainfield, CT.


Drastic changes hit the 2007 autocross season

PSG has announced its modification to the rules and regulation for the 2007 Autocross Championship.

The topic of make-up event was one of the highly controversial subjects that had many PSG drivers worried about the legitimacy of how it can be executed. Many of them felt that it will create an unfair situation especially when unpredictable amount of people will be present for non-official events, thus leading to unfair scoring. Allowing PSG drivers to drop one event out of all official events gives the opportunity for drivers to miss one event without getting heavily penalized. Beyond one missed event, subsequent missed event will result in receiving the lowest points possible which is 55 out of100 points.

After trying out several local autocross locations as close as 5 miles away and traveling to one that is 2 hours away (Devens), and maneuvering through courses that are composed of hairpins after hairpins and flying through runways that allowed the cars to almost hit 3rd gear, PSG has identified FCSCC's Plainfield venue as the best location and size to conduct the autocross Championship. Located 1 hour South East of Hartford CT, it is an easy driving distance. Its large open lot with negligible obstacles on course allows the course to be constructed with both high speed straights and technical elements such as slaloms and Chicago boxes. To lessen the load on the PSG drivers, it was of mutual agreement that the rest of the official events will be held at Plainfield.

Bonus points; does it help or hurt the scoring? Some drivers believes that it is good if bonus points help separate the competition while others welcome the thought of bonus points pulling the competition closer. Modeled after NASCAR's bonus point system, PSG believes that bonus points should draw the competition closer effectively allowing drivers with less experience to still stay competitive within the lineup. The final decision is to postpone the bonus points system until next year while using this year as a probation period to evaluate its effects.

Perhaps the most important news of all is that PSG will be starting the 2007 season all over again, with the May 20th FCSCC event as its first official event.

Keep an eye out for more PSG Autocross Championship news!


PSG Autox Championship 2007 pending changes

PSG recently offered the opportunity for autox championship drivers to evaluate the status of this season's rules and regulation. Under review are topics as follows:

  • Make-up Events
  • Location Preference
  • Bonus Points

As noted in this forum discussion thread, PSG will be seeking helpful feedback to reshape the rules and regulation as the season progresses.

Expect details to be derived before the next official PSG autocross Championship Event on the 20th of May.


Tough day of competition at Devens (NER SCCA autox)

One thing that all of the PSG drivers who attended the NER event in Devens can agree on is that they're extremely exhausted.

Ayer, Ma being 2 hours away; PSG drivers had to depart from the hometown of central CT toward the direction of the rising sun as it barely awoke over the hills. Gus, being the only drive who had been to Devens knew that SCCA is the breeding ground for national champions and runner-ups. This day was not going to be easy.

With 138 registered drivers ready to out-run each other, the day started out smoothly in SCCA's grid-organization fashion. Throughout the day, timing equipment failures and miscommunication yielded only three runs per car for the entire day.

Due to the fact that only 3 PSG autocross championship drivers could make it on this mother's day weekend, the event has been taken off of the official event list.

Overall raw result:

  • Gus finished 70th overall with a Raw time of 84.594 (Pax of 72.412): 2nd Place in PSG scoring
  • Matt finished 74th overall with Raw time of 84.925 (Pax of 71.167): 1st Place in PSG scoring
  • Jeff finished 90th overall with Raw time of 87.818 (Pax of 73.591): 3rd Place in PSG scoring

Being relatively new to autocross, it was encouraging to know that these PSG drivers landed themselves in the middle of the pack, with ample amount of room to improve for the rest of the season. It will be interesting to see what they times they will post the next time they arrive to the Devens playground.


May 13th, PSG Autox Championship 2007 Round 2

Projectsologear will hold its second official autocross championship event of 2007 at Devens Airport in Ayer MA, hosted by Sports Car Club of America New England Region division.

Held at a retired air force training base, the course will be laid out using the available two runways and an open area. With the possibility of getting into 3rd gear on the long straight-away, some PSG drivers will be experiencing speeds in the unfamiliar territory. It will also be interesting to see how some of the V8 RWD platform cars perform as they're now given a chance to stretch their muscles and use their long geared ratio.

Due to the date of the event overlapping on Mother's Day, driver's showing may be limited, but PSG looks forward to providing you with exciting event coverage and race results shortly.


ProjectSoloGear welcomes two new sponsored drivers to the line-up: PSG SS and PSG GT3

ProjectSoloGear actively searches for unique individuals in the motorsports world who represents the auto enthusiast community, indulges in the life of the weekend warrior, and pursues the need for speed; living what we call the PSG lifestyle.

After following two drivers very closely, PSG recognized that these individuals provide valuable information and insight into the automotive world that must be shared.

Coming in touch with Autocross for the first time, the driver of the Red Camaro SS, Jeff Guerrera, exhibited great potential. Already with 3 top Rookie Class finishes in 2007 FCSCC events, he currently ranks 6th in the PSG Autocross Championship.

Owning a Porsche GT3 is the ultimate sign of a person's dedication to motorsports. Born with a natural advantage of the mid-engine RWD platform, the car was built to take out any competition in site. Being the only car currently in Super Stock around the local autocross region, the driver and his technique becomes the key of the car's success in the 2007 season.

It is of great honor to welcome PSG SS and PSG GT3 into our PSG Blog Community.


PSG Evo banned from Rookie Class

It is official. PSG Evo driver has been kindly asked to remove himself from the FCSCC Rookie Class due to its unusual, non-beginner like racing results.

Two out of the three FCSCC events that PSG Evo had attended, he has successfully took home 2 Rookie FTD and 2 first place trophies. After the April 28th FCSCC event while during clean-up, a FCSCC official approached the PSG Evo driver to let him know that he has a choice to stay in the rookie class, yet it is recommended strongly that he does otherwise.

A decision still has to be made, but it is apparent that PSG Evo participated in the April 29th CART event in Bristol CT in A-Stock (a non-official autocross championship event) where he took home 2nd place trophy in class and finished 4th fastest out of 86 total drivers.

Mackaronis takes Rookie Non-Stock Class by over 0.5 Seconds

Mackaronis takes home the First Place trophy for Rookie Non-Stock class on Saturday April 28th at the FCSCC autocross (1st Points Event for PSG Autocross Championship).

Trying out the new Toyo RA-1's aquired in pre-season, there's a slight learning curve on understanding how to navigate the course with the new found traction. Even with the slicks, in its modified state the Camaro required precise throttle control to keep the back end in check.

Currently Mackaronis is ranked 4th on the PSG Autocross Championship Chart with 80 points and is looking to keep up with the rest of the fast drivers in the line up. He is the standing leader of the Camaro pack.