Skidplate Sponsorship

Do you Want to be Sponsored?

ProjectSoloGear is offering up one sponsorship spot to a qualified individual who
owns a WRX (all models 02+) or STI (only 02-05 will have the option for access panel) for the 2007 Racing Season.

As part of the product validation process, PSG will be following the life of the sponsored driver on PSG Blogs as he/she tackles harsh racing conditions with the aid of the skidplate and documenting both the driver's experience and the condition of the product. For more information or to apply, please go here to our online community forum.

Sponsorship application process is now officially opened.


'02+ Impreza WRX and STI Front Skidplate Launched!

PSG proudly presents our first product launch of the
2002+ Impreza WRX and STI Front Skidplate

We are excited to annonuce our first production launch and we will like everyone to know that we're serious in becoming a successful force in aiding motor enthusiasts by providing creative automotive innovations.

More information to be found here in our online community forum.


Unbelievable Mackaronis leaping to the top of the pack

ProjectSoloGear is no longer surprised to see Mackaronis topping the ranking of the Rookie non-stock class at last Sunday's autocross event atPlainfield, CT (hosted by FCSCC).

Finished more than 0.7 seconds ahead of second place in class, no one could touch him all day long. He was quoted to be "in the zone...simply NAILED a fantastic run."
The real shocker; however, came about when other PSG Drivers realized that Mackaronis might have landed a time fast enough to take first place in the Championship running after indexing. Startled, some PSG Drivers started concentrating harder hoping to catch up.
At the end of the day, the Green Camaro from the 90's out-ran all, including PSG GT3 which would have otherwise took 1st except for the cone penalty on its fastest raw lap, to take 100 points for the first (new) official autocross championship event.
Can Mackaronis hold on to the first place position in the championship? We will find out at our next official autocross event on June 16th, Plainfield, CT.


Drastic changes hit the 2007 autocross season

PSG has announced its modification to the rules and regulation for the 2007 Autocross Championship.

The topic of make-up event was one of the highly controversial subjects that had many PSG drivers worried about the legitimacy of how it can be executed. Many of them felt that it will create an unfair situation especially when unpredictable amount of people will be present for non-official events, thus leading to unfair scoring. Allowing PSG drivers to drop one event out of all official events gives the opportunity for drivers to miss one event without getting heavily penalized. Beyond one missed event, subsequent missed event will result in receiving the lowest points possible which is 55 out of100 points.

After trying out several local autocross locations as close as 5 miles away and traveling to one that is 2 hours away (Devens), and maneuvering through courses that are composed of hairpins after hairpins and flying through runways that allowed the cars to almost hit 3rd gear, PSG has identified FCSCC's Plainfield venue as the best location and size to conduct the autocross Championship. Located 1 hour South East of Hartford CT, it is an easy driving distance. Its large open lot with negligible obstacles on course allows the course to be constructed with both high speed straights and technical elements such as slaloms and Chicago boxes. To lessen the load on the PSG drivers, it was of mutual agreement that the rest of the official events will be held at Plainfield.

Bonus points; does it help or hurt the scoring? Some drivers believes that it is good if bonus points help separate the competition while others welcome the thought of bonus points pulling the competition closer. Modeled after NASCAR's bonus point system, PSG believes that bonus points should draw the competition closer effectively allowing drivers with less experience to still stay competitive within the lineup. The final decision is to postpone the bonus points system until next year while using this year as a probation period to evaluate its effects.

Perhaps the most important news of all is that PSG will be starting the 2007 season all over again, with the May 20th FCSCC event as its first official event.

Keep an eye out for more PSG Autocross Championship news!


PSG Autox Championship 2007 pending changes

PSG recently offered the opportunity for autox championship drivers to evaluate the status of this season's rules and regulation. Under review are topics as follows:

  • Make-up Events
  • Location Preference
  • Bonus Points

As noted in this forum discussion thread, PSG will be seeking helpful feedback to reshape the rules and regulation as the season progresses.

Expect details to be derived before the next official PSG autocross Championship Event on the 20th of May.


Tough day of competition at Devens (NER SCCA autox)

One thing that all of the PSG drivers who attended the NER event in Devens can agree on is that they're extremely exhausted.

Ayer, Ma being 2 hours away; PSG drivers had to depart from the hometown of central CT toward the direction of the rising sun as it barely awoke over the hills. Gus, being the only drive who had been to Devens knew that SCCA is the breeding ground for national champions and runner-ups. This day was not going to be easy.

With 138 registered drivers ready to out-run each other, the day started out smoothly in SCCA's grid-organization fashion. Throughout the day, timing equipment failures and miscommunication yielded only three runs per car for the entire day.

Due to the fact that only 3 PSG autocross championship drivers could make it on this mother's day weekend, the event has been taken off of the official event list.

Overall raw result:

  • Gus finished 70th overall with a Raw time of 84.594 (Pax of 72.412): 2nd Place in PSG scoring
  • Matt finished 74th overall with Raw time of 84.925 (Pax of 71.167): 1st Place in PSG scoring
  • Jeff finished 90th overall with Raw time of 87.818 (Pax of 73.591): 3rd Place in PSG scoring

Being relatively new to autocross, it was encouraging to know that these PSG drivers landed themselves in the middle of the pack, with ample amount of room to improve for the rest of the season. It will be interesting to see what they times they will post the next time they arrive to the Devens playground.


May 13th, PSG Autox Championship 2007 Round 2

Projectsologear will hold its second official autocross championship event of 2007 at Devens Airport in Ayer MA, hosted by Sports Car Club of America New England Region division.

Held at a retired air force training base, the course will be laid out using the available two runways and an open area. With the possibility of getting into 3rd gear on the long straight-away, some PSG drivers will be experiencing speeds in the unfamiliar territory. It will also be interesting to see how some of the V8 RWD platform cars perform as they're now given a chance to stretch their muscles and use their long geared ratio.

Due to the date of the event overlapping on Mother's Day, driver's showing may be limited, but PSG looks forward to providing you with exciting event coverage and race results shortly.


ProjectSoloGear welcomes two new sponsored drivers to the line-up: PSG SS and PSG GT3

ProjectSoloGear actively searches for unique individuals in the motorsports world who represents the auto enthusiast community, indulges in the life of the weekend warrior, and pursues the need for speed; living what we call the PSG lifestyle.

After following two drivers very closely, PSG recognized that these individuals provide valuable information and insight into the automotive world that must be shared.

Coming in touch with Autocross for the first time, the driver of the Red Camaro SS, Jeff Guerrera, exhibited great potential. Already with 3 top Rookie Class finishes in 2007 FCSCC events, he currently ranks 6th in the PSG Autocross Championship.

Owning a Porsche GT3 is the ultimate sign of a person's dedication to motorsports. Born with a natural advantage of the mid-engine RWD platform, the car was built to take out any competition in site. Being the only car currently in Super Stock around the local autocross region, the driver and his technique becomes the key of the car's success in the 2007 season.

It is of great honor to welcome PSG SS and PSG GT3 into our PSG Blog Community.


PSG Evo banned from Rookie Class

It is official. PSG Evo driver has been kindly asked to remove himself from the FCSCC Rookie Class due to its unusual, non-beginner like racing results.

Two out of the three FCSCC events that PSG Evo had attended, he has successfully took home 2 Rookie FTD and 2 first place trophies. After the April 28th FCSCC event while during clean-up, a FCSCC official approached the PSG Evo driver to let him know that he has a choice to stay in the rookie class, yet it is recommended strongly that he does otherwise.

A decision still has to be made, but it is apparent that PSG Evo participated in the April 29th CART event in Bristol CT in A-Stock (a non-official autocross championship event) where he took home 2nd place trophy in class and finished 4th fastest out of 86 total drivers.

Mackaronis takes Rookie Non-Stock Class by over 0.5 Seconds

Mackaronis takes home the First Place trophy for Rookie Non-Stock class on Saturday April 28th at the FCSCC autocross (1st Points Event for PSG Autocross Championship).

Trying out the new Toyo RA-1's aquired in pre-season, there's a slight learning curve on understanding how to navigate the course with the new found traction. Even with the slicks, in its modified state the Camaro required precise throttle control to keep the back end in check.

Currently Mackaronis is ranked 4th on the PSG Autocross Championship Chart with 80 points and is looking to keep up with the rest of the fast drivers in the line up. He is the standing leader of the Camaro pack.