PSG Championship Event #2

Six PSG Drivers came to the Fairfield County Sports Car Club Points Event
#5 on June 23rd in Plainfield, CT, and three came away with trophy
finishes in Rookie Stock and E-Street Prepared. One expectation of the
event was totally realized when Phil Mackaronis, the driver of the 1994
Chevrolet Camaro Z28 won ESP 3.4 seconds ahead of the 2nd place car with a
PAX index time of 46.75, taking 2nd place spot in the PSG Championship
event. Matt Gleiner in his STi Limited placed 3rd out of 16 cars in Rookie
stock which earned him a trophy; Matt was ahead of the 4th place car by
over three seconds, showing that he may not be so 'Rookie' after all.

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The total shock of the day came when Jeff Guerrera stripped a stud on the rear
right hub of his Camaro SS and was forced to park the car for the day.
Gus Lin showed genuine compassion for his care
less and car-less friend by
offering Jeff the opportunity to co-drive his 2006 Evo IX MR. Here is
where the other expectations of the day fell short: Jeff took the A-Stock
Evo IX to 1st place in Rookie stock with a PAX time of 46.2, and pulled
off the 4th fastest PAX time of the day out of 85 cars, earning him the
1st place spot in this PSG Championship event. Jeff had so much fun
driving Gus's car that he is considering moving the Camaro to a more road
race/drag race role and purchasing a pocket-rocket Evo for himself (in Red
of course), though he's determined to have a two-bay garage for the PSG
group and a house before purchasing another car, which according to Jeff
"may be a while.."

Gus Lin placed 2nd in A-Stock out of three cars, and though he didn't earn
a class trophy, he did edge out his A-Stock rival Matt Gleiner by .49
seconds, therefore placing 3rd in this PSG Championship Event.
By lending his Evo to Jeff, he will unfortunately need to replace the wearing Kumho
V710s a little sooner as they saw significant wear during the day. Gus
hopes he can get a couple more events out of his tires before the dreaded
metal cords peep through the rubber.

Mike Miller placed 2nd in A-Street Prepared in his envy inducing Porsche
GT3, and 4th in the PSG rankings. During the day when Mike rolled to the
line, one spectator was seen hushing his friends in order to insure that
the sound waves produced by the GT3's exhaust pipes made it to his ears
undisturbed. The course was less than ideal for the track-bred GT3
however, and used very little of the RPM range where it can easily scream
past the competition; members of PSG are looking forward to seeing the
GT3's true ability at Pocono later this month.

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Matt Gleiner is currently working out ECU issues in his STi, which is
cutting power between the 3,000 and 4,000 RPM range. We are all looking
forward to seeing Matt excel even more than he currently is as he
straightens out the bugs in the pearlescent white Subaru. Watch out Gus!

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Henry Tran was close behind Matt in the PSG event placing 6th. This was
Henry's first event running real race-rubber; Henry's times were excellent, he just was consistently bumping into cones! He is expected to move to the head of the pack as he learns the newly-found traction his B-Street Prepared Evo was formerly lacking. If Henry's runs were clean, he would have taken either the 2nd or 3rd place spot. Keep at it Henry!

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Saturday June 23rd PSG Autox Championship Next Round @ Plainefield, CT (FCSCC)

Hopefully everyone had a good break from the intense PSG autocross championship competition, and are ready to jump into the next points event being held this Saturday, June 23rd, at the Plainfield CT lot (hosted by FCSCC).

At this event we're looking for Phil M (94 Z28 Camaro) to again impress the crowd with his new found quickness against the blistering fast GT3 driven by Mike M, but both drivers may be knocked off the podium with some shocking news.

Henry T, the driver of the highly sophisticated BSP Evolution 9 GSR, have had issues putting down all of the ponies with the factory equipped Yokohama Advans, but the tides may be turning. He made a recent announcement to the rest of the PSG autox team that he had aquired a set of 255/Khumo V700 rubber. Mated up with his evo's uniquely spec'ed Ohlin Full Coilovers (straight from Japan), the combination will be deadly.

Matt G, who ended up cording his race compounds at the last points event left with slight disappointment, but using the time between the events, he has also netted himself a nice set of tires (Toyo RA-1). He will be using them to hold his podium title, perhaps nipping at the 1st and 2nd place position.

All other PSG drivers will be in attendance, hoping to improve their positions in the ranking. At this event, we will be expecting Jeff G. to continue learning how to use the sticky tires on the torquey Camaro SS, Gus L to be debuing his 2nd Generation Turbo Eclipse, and Brian C to attend his first points event.

Keep tuned.


PSG debuted at the Wicked Big Meet, the largest Subaru enthusiast gathering the United States

ProjectSoloGear was proud to unveil their initial product, the 02+ Subaru Impreza WRX skidplate at the Wicked Big Meet at Wachusett Mountain on June 17th. Wicked Big Meet, the largest Subaru enthusiast gathering in the United States, proved to be a great opportunity to promote PSG products and the PSG lifestyle with over 1000 cars in attendance! The day was a big success for PSG, as hundreds of Subaru enthusiasts stopped by the PSG booth, asked questions, and bought skidplates! Big thanks to CT Subaru for their support at the event, and congratulations to Jake for winning the 3/16” access panel skidplate!

Wicked Big Meet is only the beginning for PSG. Look for PSG at more car shows and more car events, and keep an eye out for unique products as ProjectSoloGear continues to bring you automotive innovation!

Large Demand for GC Skidplate

Ever since the release of the PSG WRX/STI skidplate, a large demand for earlier body style Impreza has been surfacing.

It is not uncommon to see the earlier bodystyle Imprezas running around at your local rallycross events (or even in professional stage rallies like Rally New York) because they're affordable, parts are abundent (and swap friendly), and it offers the same AWD + boxer engine platform that helped propel Subaru to the top of the WRC world.

Have no doubt that once PSG develops a GC skidplate, the company will offer sponsorship opportunities to support rally enthusiasts such as Walker M. (the driver shown in the picture) who upholds the rally racing spirit where ever he goes.