September FCSCC Event Results

On a scale from 1 to 10, this track was an 11. Chris Carris, the infamous butt-kicking driver of the fully prepped A-Stock STi worked with Chris Travis to setup a nationals-style course littered with slaloms and challenging gates. Of course, having setup the course (just being a little bitter here) Chris took FTD, but the fact that his FTD came in an A-Stock car shows his amazing abilities as a driver. I had to have asked Chris at least 20 questions throughout the day regarding his choice lines, tire pressures, rim offsets, and spacers, and he was more than kind enough to tolerate my persistent barrage.

Regarding our team of drivers, Phil walked away with a 1st place ESP finish, Gus did well in A-Stock placing 5th, Matt placed 2nd in rookie stock right behind myself, placing 1st. Henry kicked up his performance in BSP placing 2nd, and the fact that he hits so many cones shows that he's real close to achieving near FTD times and overtaking Leo Ficks's domination of the class. Since we compare our PAX times to see the fastest driver of the day, Jeff placed 1st in the PSG points event, Phil second, Henry third, Matt fourth, and Gus in fifth. See the table posted above to see the cumulative points total for this season.

So next month, there is going to be the final points event with an 'Autocrosser of the Year' runoff event in Kyle Bishops CRX, courtesy of www.bishopmotorsports.com and it seems anyone who could contend for their class championship gets to drive it! Therefore, since Matt & myself are neck-to-neck (still anyone's game) in the rookie championship, we both are contenders in the CRX. Should be pretty fun! Phil has ESP for points, however he became a member of the club mid-year, and his early-season points may not count. The officials may look the other way, however, which we hope they do. On that note, Matt is only 5 points behind me in the Rookie stock championship. I really look forward to our final battle of the 2007 season October 13th to determine the winner!

Submitted by Jeff, PSG SS

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